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Thursday, November 27

Distros de Linux relacionadas con SI

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Security Distros
Here is the full list of Security Distros and their descriptions. Select the tool that best fits your needs.


BackTrack is a distribution based off of what used to be WHAX and Auditor . It is a full size distro built off of SLAX.
BackTrack Main Discuss Download Status: Active

Damn Vulnerable Linux ( DVL )

"Damn Vulnerable Linux (DVL) is a Linux-based tool for IT-Security. It was initiated for training tasks during university lessons by the IITAC (International Institute for Training, Assessment, and Certification) and S²e - Secure Software Engineering in cooperation with the French Reverse Engineering Team." -
Damn Vulnerable Linux ( DVL ) Main Discuss Download Status: Active


DEFT (acronym of "Digital Evidence & Forensic Toolkit) is a customized distribution of the Kubuntu live Linux CD. It is a very easy to use system that includes an excellent hardware detection and the best open source applications dedicated to incident response and computer forensics.
DEFT Main Discuss Download Status: Active


The Gnu/Linux boot CD-Rom is made by the Belgian Federal Computer Crime Unit (FCCU)
It's based on the KNOPPIX Live CD version 4.02 by Klaus Knopper.
The main purpose of the CD : help the forensic analyze of computers
All scripts made by the FCCU begin with the "fccu" prefix
FCCU Main Download Status: Active


"Frenzy is a "portable system administrator toolkit," LiveCD based on FreeBSD. It generally contains software for hardware tests, file system check, security check and network setup and analysis. Size of ISO-image is 200 MBytes (3" CD)"
Frenzy Main Discuss Download Status: Active


"grml is a bootable CD (Live-CD) based on Knoppix and Debian. grml includes a collection of GNU/Linux software especially for users of texttools and system administrators. grml provides automatic hardware detection. You can use grml for example as a rescue system, for analyzing systems/networks or as a working environment." -
grml Main Discuss Download Status: Active


"a bootable distribution containing all the tools and materials needed for practising methods and techniques described in the hackin9 magazine"
Hakin9 Main Discuss Download Status: Active


"Helix is a customized distribution of the Knoppix Live Linux CD. Helix is more than just a bootable live CD. You can still boot into a customized Linux environment that includes customized linux kernels, excellent hardware detection and many applications dedicated to Incident Response and Forensics."
Helix Main Discuss Download Status: Active


HeX is a live security distribution that focuses on security monitoring and forensics.
HeX Main Discuss Download Status: Active


" The Kcpentrix Project was founded in May 2005 , KCPentrix 1.0 was liveCD designed to be a standalone Penetration testing toolkit for pentesters, security analysts and System administrators" -
KCPentrix Main Discuss Download Status: Active


"knoppix-nsm is dedicated to providing a framework for individuals wanting to learn about Network Security Monitoring or who want to qucikly and reliably deploy NSM in their network. Our goal is to provide an introduction to NSM and a distribution that can be used as a launch pad to bigger things."
Knoppix-NSM Main Discuss Download Status: Active

Network Security Toolkit ( NST )

"This bootable ISO live CD is based on Fedora. The toolkit was designed to provide easy access to best-of-breed Open Source Network Security Applications and should run on most x86 platforms."
Network Security Toolkit ( NST ) Main Discuss Download Status: Active


"The main goal of nUbuntu is to create a distribution which is derived from the Ubuntu distribution, and add packages related to security testing, and remove unneeded packages, such as Gnome,, and Evolution." -
nUbuntu Main Discuss Download Status: Active


"The ophcrack LiveCD contains a small linux system (SLAX6),
Ophcrack Main Discuss Download Status: Active
for linux and rainbow tables for alphanumerical passwords.The liveCD cracks passwords automatically, no installation necessary, no admin password necessary (as long as you can boot from CD). Windows Vista SAM can also be cracked." -

OWASP Labrat

"The OWASP Live CD (LabRat) is a bootable CD akin to knoppix but dedicated to Application Security. It shall serve as a vehicle and distrubition medium for OWASP tools and guides."
OWASP Labrat Main Discuss Download Status: Active


Protech is a specially designed Linux distribution for security technicians and programmers.
It's imcomparable usability and stability makes this a unique product. -Techm4sters
Protech Main Discuss Download Status: Active

Stagos FSE

"Stagos FSE aims to be a computer forensic framework based on FLOSS operating system. Builds from Ubuntu, it has many feature to do forensics stuff. It supports read variant filesystem, include ntfs. It also support read some forensic imaging file from another forensic software such like ENCASE."
Stagos FSE Main Download Status: Active


Arudius is a Linux live CD with tools that try to address the network security aspect (penetration testing and vulnerability analysis) of information assurance. It is based on Slackware (Zenwalk) for i386 systems and targets the information security audience.
Arudius Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


"The Auditor security collection is a Live-System based on KNOPPIX. With no installation whatsoever, the analysis platform is started directly from the CD-Rom and is fully accessible within minutes. Independent of the hardware in use, the Auditor security collection offers a standardised working environment, so that the build-up of know-how and remote support is made easier." -
Auditor Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


"FIRE is a portable bootable cdrom based distribution with the goal of providing an immediate environment to perform forensic analysis, incident response, data recovery, virus scanning and vulnerability assessment."
FIRE Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


"INSERT is a complete, bootable linux system. It comes with a graphical user interface running the fluxbox window manager while still being sufficiently small to fit on a credit card-sized CD-ROM."
INSERT Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


"STD is a Linux-based Security Tool. Actually, it is a collection of hundreds if not thousands of open source security tools. It's a Live Linux Distro, which means it runs from a bootable CD in memory without changing the native operating system of the host computer." -
Knoppix-STD Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive

Local Area Security ( LAS )

Local Area Security ( LAS ) Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


"Navyn OS is a gnu/linux distribution based on Gentoo. Gentoo isn't a typical distribution like Debian or Slackware, it doesn't even have an installer, it is similar to making your own distribution. The main part of Gentoo is portage, a set of scripts for installing and removing programs." -
NavynOS Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


"Operator is a complete Linux (Debian) distribution that runs from a single bootable CD and runs entirely in RAM." -

Operator Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


"Pentoo is a penetration testing LiveCD distribution based on Gentoo. It features a lot of tools for auditing and testing a network, from scanning and discovering to exploiting vulnerabilities."
Pentoo Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


"PHLAK is a modular live security Linux distribution (a.k.a LiveCD). PHLAK comes with two light gui's (fluxbox and XFCE4), many security tools, and a spiral notebook full of security documentation. PHLAK is a derivative of Morphix, created by Alex de Landgraaf." -
PHLAK Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


"PLAC is a business card sized bootable cdrom running linux. It has network auditing, disk recovery, and forensic analysis tools. ISO will be avialable and scripts to roll you own cd."
PLAC Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


"Plan-B is a bootable Linux environment without the need for a hard drive, it runs entirely in ram or from the cd, based on a basic, stripped installation of Red Hat Linux and the fundamental workings of the SuperRescue CD" -

Plan-B Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


"SENTINIX is a GNU/Linux distribution designed for monitoring, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment, statistics/graphing and anti-spam. It's completely free; free to use, free to modify and free to distribute. SENTINIX includes the following software, installed and pre-configured; Nagios, Nagat, Snort, SnortCenter, ACID, Cacti, RRDTool, Nessus, Postfix, MailScanner, SpamAssassin, openMosix, MySQL, Apache, PHP, Perl, Python and lots more." -
SENTINIX Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


snarl is a bootable forensics ISO based on FreeBSD and using @stake's autopsy and task as well as scmoo's list of known good checksums.
SNARL Main Download Status: Inactive


"Talos is a security LiveCD, based on SLAX 5.1.0 with over 90 security tools preinstalled. It runs directly from the CD without the need to install on the harddisk. Talos is currently on BETA version 0.1 and its available to download."
Talos Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


ThePacketMaster - Mission-Specific Live-CD Linux Distributions -
ThePacketMaster Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


Minimal ramdisk linux distribution meant for network monitoring.
Trinux Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


A linux distribution for WarDrivers.
WarLinux Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


Updated project from Whoppix. Currently discontinued and merged with BackTrack.
WHAX Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive


"Whoppix is a stand-alone penetration-testing live CD based on KNOPPIX. With the latest tools and exploits, it is a must for every penetration tester and security auditor. Whoppix includes several exploit archives, such as Securityfocus, Packetstorm, SecurityForest and Milw0rm, as well as a wide variety of updated security tools." -Distrowatch
Whoppix Main Discuss Download Status: Inactive

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